Pandemic Love Story at Ahau Tulum


Who would’ve ever imagined that a full lockdown would lead to a beautiful Pandemic Love Story at Ahau Tulum, Mexico? During the time that everybody was home doing zoom calls, these two connected through common friends.

At first, it was just a video call with other people then, the two started calling each other every day for no reason and talking for hours!! At one he offered her an online dance lesson and that’s when they really clicked. Proof that music brings people together 😉

When the time was right, they finally met in person first in Portugal, then in the USA, and finally, he popped the question for her birthday. I felt truly blessed to meet these two incredible human beings and capture their true love on the sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

She made us a full photo shooting at the beach and I felt super comfortable, I didn’t pay attention to the people around, she made me feel like a model and Tulum was the scenario for it.

You’ll be seeing more of these two on the blogs as life plans continue and a blessing is on the way! Talk about beating all odds in the middle of a pandemic!!!!