Memorable San Miguel de Allende Anniversary Session


Lauren & Mariano actually met in this magical colonial Mexican town. Check out their Memorable San Miguel de Allende Anniversary Session in Mexico and their beautiful love story.

Mariano is the master chef behind the famous Buenos Aires Bistro in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Lauren is a sweet Cali girl that happened to be vacationing in Mexico with friends. One night, Lauren, drawn by the fact that the menu had a vegetarian option, decided to stop by and try the place.

After a wonderful evening, she left the restaurant with a new friend and hanged out a couple more times before going back to her LAX home. They stayed in touch and decided to meet again in Mexico City. This time, sparks flew and they knew they had to be together. They tied the knot in Los Angeles and have been enjoying a wonderful life in Mexico.

“Mariano explained that their love story is just part of the magic of San Miguel de Allende … a beautiful coincidence.” We had an incredible time touring around the colorful and historical city and enjoying the breathtaking view from Rosewood San Miguel Allende‘s Rooftop. Gracias amigos, hasta pronto!!!!