Sweet & Intimate Cenote El Buho Elopement


During a pandemic era that affected all of our lives but made us realize the importance of staying connected, a true love story comes to life in the form of a sweet & intimate Cenote El Buho Elopement in the middle of Mexican Mayan Jungle.

I connected with Nelan & Juanpa over social media during Covid. What started with a few likes and small conversations, turned into a friendship and them trusting me to help them make their dream come true. I reached out to my contacts and everything else just fell in place perfectly.

The wedding ceremony was a sweet mix of traditional, symbolic elements and a bit of the Mayan Culture, honoring where we were that day. Even my sweet daughter Aisha took part as the ring bearer and as you can see by her face, she looooved it, lol!

Of course, we had some play time in the cenote afterward. My dear N & J, I wish you both nothing else but the absolute best. Thanks for opening your hearts and souls to me.