Dreamy Castello di Trisobbio Engagement Session


This dreamy Castello di Trisobbio Engagement Session in Italy is just a part of Alice & Vitto’s family legacy photos with me. Let’s go back in time …

Alice & Vitto’s love story is one of my favorites. They are the proof that the order of life events, doesn’t really matter and it only makes their story extra special.

They met in a packed school bus back in high school and went out a couple of times but it never really worked out then (little did they know …). A few years later they meet again several times and realize they like each other a lot but are never really able to connect and make it work.

Ten years later, the universe conspires to bring them back together on New Year’s Eve!! A few months later, Alice discovers she’s expecting and so they decide to start a new family together.

Vitto is an incredibly talented architect and refurbished a great place they now call home. The same place where I had the privilege to shoot Alice’s baby bump.

In 2015 they welcomed little Giulio Noe, who I also had the pleasure to meet and photograph at Vitto’s family vacation home.

And our story continues … in 2018 we meet again, this time to capture Vitto’s wedding proposal to Alice. He popped the question in a magical place, the famous Castello di Trisobbio, north of Italy.

I feel blessed to be given the incredible opportunity to capture Alice & Vitto’s milestones through the years. You are both a true example of love, complicity, and support. Mega congrats!!